Studying the Bible

I do not claim to be, nor will I ever be able to, a master in studying the Word of God.  What I do know is that as a young believer I found myself intimidated by this large book with big, gold letters, HOLY BIBLE, stamped across the top.  I needed spiritual food to grow as a Christian, but I didn’t know how to eat!

Thankfully a dear friend of mine shared a simple method with me that I have been using for years now.  It originated from the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and its called the PRESS Method.  My time in the Word has become to me the most joyous thing of my faith.  It’s amazing to be able to speak with God through His Word in profound ways!

Pray: acknowledge who God is (his steadfast love, faithfulness, goodness, holiness, etc), and spend some time in specific confession, and then ask that by the power of the Holy Spirit that He’d open the eyes of your heart to His Word!  You will have answered prayers every day!

Read:  Best to find a reading plan, or just start with a book like one of the Gospels, or a letter like Galatians.

Examine:  “All Scripture is God breathed and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.” 2 Timothy 3:16-17

  • Teaching: What do I need to KNOW about God, myself and others?
  • Reproof: What do I need to STOP doing — sins, habits, selfish patterns?
  • Correction: What do I need to CHANGE in my thoughts, attitudes or actions?
  • Training: What do I need to DO in obedience to God’s leading?

Summarize: Find the best method that you can so that you don’t immediately forget what you read through and meditated on!  Memorizing a key verse I believe is the most effective way of doing that, and has many more uses!

Share: In prayer back to God thank Him for what He has revealed to you, and share it with someone else about your time in God’s Word!

If you want another amazing resource check out how John Piper studies the Scriptures by visiting the following website:

May your time in God’s Word be blessed!