Abandoned by God

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“As for me, I said in my prosperity, I shall never be moved.  By your favor, O Lord, you made my mountain stand strong; you hid your face; I was dismayed.” Psalm 30:6-7

Have you ever felt abandoned by God?  That although you are earnestly seeking him, and yet he is nowhere to be found?  I’ve experienced this where although I’ve sought to pray and seek to hear from the Lord in His Word and there is no word of encouragement or hint that He is listening or around.  That place is a deep pit full of despair where there appears to be no hope.

Many Christians (including myself) might be quick to remind us that God promises that he will never abandon us and that he is always with us.  To a person that is in despair, these well-intended reminders seem to be an attempt at placation from a person standing on the edge of the pit, rather than in the pit.  It is a rope that is too short to bring me out of the pit because it is not what I am experiencing.

Others might be quick to argue (including myself) that we have to let facts (truths of Gods Word) drive our faith train rather than letting feelings drive our faith train.  However, when we drive our trains and especially our counsel on half-truths there is often a train wreck of broken feelings and even relationships.

Here is the full truth:  Although God does not ever forsake or abandon us, He does make it APPEAR to be that way.  My experience of not hearing from God, not seeing God, not being comforted by God are real experiences, and they are biblical experiences we find in scripture in the lives of God’s people.

“As for me, I said in my prosperity, I shall never be moved.  By your favor, O Lord, you made my mountain stand strong; you hid your face; I was dismayed.” Psalm 30:6-7

David says in this Psalm that indeed the Lord had hidden away from David.  He could not find him, he did not hear from him, and it led David to be dismayed, to be in despair.  So again we see that although God doesn’t truly forsake or abandon us, he does hide himself away, but why?

In this Psalm, we can see that David felt secure in his own prosperity.  There is a cloud of self-sufficiency and arrogance here that leads David into a false sense of security.  He says he cannot be moved and yet he is thrown into utter despair.  By hiding His face from David the Lord strips away any self-sufficiency and makes David utterly dependent on the Lord.

When my daughter is misbehaving and acting in a way that is not good for her or for others I sometimes take her into her room and place her in her crib and walk out of her room.  She begins to wail and cry loudly.  Through her sobs, I can hear her cry out, Da-aa-ddd–ddy!!!” In her two-year-old mind, I have abandoned her and left her.  She cannot see my face and it causes her distress.  But I have not abandoned her.  I am waiting outside her room and can hear her cries.  After a certain amount of time, I walk back into her room and she stands with her arms held up in the air to be picked up.  I pick her up and give her a big squeeze and she lays her head on my shoulder and says that she is sorry.

Much like my daughter, my tears are very real and my sense of abandonment and sorrow is also real.  In that pit of misery, there seems to be little hope and the promise that God doesn’t abandon His children doesn’t help unless I realize that sometimes He does hide himself away for the good of his children.  He strips away our self-sufficiency, but He makes are mountain stand strong because our mountain becomes dependency on the One who is capable of all things.  In our weakness, we are found to be strong.

So if you feel that God has abandoned you, ask yourself if he has hidden for a greater purpose.  Do not be afraid to go to the Lord with your real emotions.  Ask Him for perspective and remember how He redeems his people.

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